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Courses & Modules

AEG Consulting has experts in multiple fields of education that provide courses in many areas. We can also build and tailor courses to your school or district’s needs.  Most courses are available with a focus around either TRADITIONAL  or ALTERNATIVE education.  Graduate credit from Western State University is available.  Contact us to bring the learning to your area.


Building a Future-Focused Learning Community

Post-Secondary Workforce Readiness

Alternative Education

Blended Learning


Unit Design in a Standards-Based Classroom

All contents OR content-specific. 15-hour course

Common Core / CAS

Backward Design with Essential Questions and Overarching Unit Objectives

Template for application of best practices including authentic literacy, academic vocabulary, collaborative learning


Educator Effectiveness -- Various Modules Available

Evaluation for Traditional OR Alternative Classrooms

For the principal, instructional coach, and to certify “designees”


Principles of Collaborative Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

15-hour course
Creating a Culture for Talk and Risk-Taking

Setting Structures and Expectations for Success and Rigor

Principles of Collaborative Learning Design

Formative Assessment during Collaborative Learning


Authentic Literacy for the Common Core in the Content Classroom

15-hour course

Project-Based Learning and Performance Assessment Design

Finding the “performance” or “project” in your content

Designing Projects — student and staff collaboration

Implementing PBL

Formative Assessment

Project/Performance Reflection and Evaluation


Starting the Year Right: Unit Design

This course helps teachers to design systems and structures to begin the school year for rigorous academic learning.

Community Promise

Classroom Notebooks

High Expectations for Behavior and Learning

Structures to TEACH:  listening, reading, writing, talking



The Principal's View: Know your School and Empower Teacher & Student Learning

Designed for principals and building leaders to increase their instructional leadership capacity and lead systems change.

Data based decision-making (multiple & timely measures)

Why student work?

The power of the Walkthrough

Strategic design for PLCs and professional development

Alignment to district initiatives


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