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What clients and colleagues are saying:

When asked for outcomes, Anna delivers. Ms. Goetz embodies the essence that is a superb leader and school principal, an exceptional professional & a motivational trainer and speaker, a talented and dependable consultant. (March 2015) Lauren K. Jones

CTE Program Director for Career Guidance, Counseling & ACE, Colorado Community College System

We were only able to begin our work in a targeted and focused way through Anna’s observations, discussions, and reflections where we were as a district in a standards-based educational system. Her situational analysis offered a comprehensive look and road map for us to follow for the next three years. (February 2015) Laurie Pascoe

Director of Instructional Services , Montrose County School District

Anna … was the first in the district to hone and support professional learning communities. [She] instructed and modeled differentiation across contents and grade levels. Her leadership helped transform the district. I have continued to appreciate her instructional leadership as she has transformed this school [R-5 HS) from workbook and computer-based coursework into inspired, concept-based curriculum with real world leverage. (May 2014) Roberta Shortridge

NCBT and English teacher, R-5 High School, Mesa County Valley School District 51

Ms. Goetz has demonstrated exceptional leadership acumen. . . . Many leaders find themselves unable to navigate the spectrum of associated [TIG transformation] demands. Anna has risen to the challenge time and time again. (February 2014) Chad Auer

Performance Manager, Colorado Department of Education

Although there were sweeping changes at R-5, Ms. Goetz created a plan that had full faculty support and resulted in higher achievement rates for all of the R-5 students. Anna Goetz has an ability to “see the big picture” and craft detailed plans to address both opportunities and problems. Her deep understanding of effective leadership and best instructional practices ensured her success at R-5. She is perhaps the best, most effective instructional leader that I have worked with during my tenure in education. (March 2014) Patricia Bowie

Educational Consultant

Having an eye for what is solid and true in education and an instinct for what could be improved, she is not only an articulator of needed change, but a translator of it as well. Anna stands in the gap that bridges educator apprehension to educator locomotion. (March 2011) Cathie Gonzales

Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning, retired, Mesa County Valley School District 51

I have found [Anna] to be one of the brightest, most innovative administrators in the field of public education that I have worked with. She possesses a meticulous work ethic, unique motivation and communication skills, and a clear ability to innovate and to activate her ideas with her staff and for her students. [She has] produced levels of expectations and higher standards to the staff and students of our school. (April, 2010) Matt Diers

Executive Director of Secondary Schools , Mesa County Valley School District 51

Anna has a work ethic … and a common sense approach that is necessary when working with organizations and today’s complex issues. (March 2014) Ron Roybal

Director of Alternative Schools and Programs, Mesa County Valley School District 51