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AEG Consulting, LLC

AEG Consulting, LLC

Our Mission

At AEG our approach to professional learning, consulting and coaching involves collaborative conversations and goal-setting based upon the following: multiple measures of data; current educational research; explorative research around the specific area of focus; and alignment to past initiatives, professional learning, and other shared background knowledge. Our support is designed to empower the strong principals and teacher leaders in every school and district to become agents of growth from within.  Although we can provide standard research-based experiences that have value for all educators, we believe that “canned” programs should not be universally applied to individual schools and districts, but rather consulting and coaching support should allow for organic development and flexibility.

Our Vision

At AEG our vision is simple:  We will positively impact student learning and postsecondary workplace readiness through professional development and coaching for teachers, teacher leaders, and principals.  Our priority goal is to develop educational leaders to build capacity for serving their students, schools, and districts.