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AEG Consulting, LLC

Consulting and Professional Development for Educators


Our team of seasoned professional educators help schools and districts, students and teachers, principals and administrators reach their full potential and become agents of growth from within.


Expertise. Confidence. Excellence. These traits are developed not purchased. The AEG “alternative” approach to student and professional development begins and ends with the learner. At AEG Consulting, we believe that it is only by engaging, honoring and empowering the educator that true educational growth occurs. Our professional development team consists of experienced educators with proven success in the classroom, leading their peers, and in administration. Several have been National Board Certified and/or state award recipients.

Here are just some of the services we offer:


Professional Development Courses and Workshops

Taught by experienced educators with proven success records, our courses cover topics such as classroom management, educator effectiveness, collaborative learning and much more.

Uncovering Talent and Developing Leaders

Let us help discover, motivate, coach and collaboratively plan with leaders in your school or district to build capacity from within and kickstart growth and improvement.

Teacher and Principal Coaching

Our consultants will work with individual teachers and teacher teams to provide instructional coaching and curriculum support.  Our team leaders will provide leadership coaching to principals and district leaders in support of change implementation.

Colorado State Model Approved Evaluator Training

Choose from a variety of learning modules and courses to increase understanding of best practices in observation, evaluation, and feedback.  Certify “designees” to complete evaluations under Senate Bill 10-191.


“We were only able to begin our work in a targeted and focused way through Anna’s observations, discussions, and reflections. . . . Her situational analysis offered a comprehensive look and road map for us to follow for the next three years.”

Laurie Pascoe

Director of Instructional Services, Montrose County School District, Montrose County School District -- 2015

“Anna Goetz is a phenomenal facilitator of personal growth. One of the things I love most about her coaching is that she does it with an attitude of collegiality to where I know she has my best interests and those of my students’ at heart. Anna inspires everyone around her to be better!”

Josh Guddat

R-5 High School, Social Studies Department Chair, Mesa County Valley School District 51



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